Our products offers the ultimate in quality, balance, and nutrition. We give you the freedom to make healthy choices that meet the individual needs of your pet. What sets us apart from other raw meat distributors is that our products are not solely comprised of raw meat. For proper digestion we mix in a portion of vitamins, vegetables, organs, and bones, into our high quality non-medicated free range meats. The benefits of raw food are endless, here are some main reasons to make the switch. 

  • Healthy, shiny coat with little or no odor
  • Better breath
  • Cleaner teeth and healthier gums obtained through chewing on bones
  • Reduction in allergies and skin ailments
  • Increased energy
  • Smaller, less offensive stools
  • Better weight control – with raw food, keeping your pet at an ideal weight is just a matter of determining the food portion appropriate for their metabolism

In addition to general health benefits, there have been a number of cases where switching to raw has helped an animal overcome or manage a serious medical condition such as ear and eye infections, anal gland problems, digestion and bowel problems, and even heart problems.

Portions and Packaging:

Generally, a healthy dog or cat should be fed approximately 2-3% of their body weight, taking into consideration their activity level. The following formulas will help you to calculate the approximate daily portions in grams. However, if you have a puppy/kitten, or senior pet the formula will be different.

Activity Level Factor: 
7– Low 9 - 11 – Medium 14 – High

We package our products in recycled plastic containers, portioned to your pets needs, so that it is easy, clean, and convenient for you to provide what could be a messy, time consuming meal. This way you never have to wonder what amount to feed your pet and if you are giving to much or to little. 

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