Raw Pawz Pet Deli provides the best care for your pet!

About Us                                                           Raw pet food is growing in popularity as a result of the increased focus on a healthy, balanced, diet. Raw Pawz Pet Deli is about giving YOU the information and tools needed to make a healthy choice for your pet. We are here to educate and provide an alternative diet, free of grains, and preservatives, bringing your pet back to its natural path and wellness. We offer our food at a comparative price compared to free grain dry pet food.

We also believe that animal rescue organizations play a vital role in caring for the welfare of animals in our community. To show our support, we collect raw pet food and accessories for rescues and charitable organizations that feed raw food to rescued animals.

Services                                                           Raw Pawz Pet Deli is a pet store that allows you to choose from an array of raw meats, vegetables, and herbs so that your pet can get the most nutrients for your dollar. We will make each order specific to your pets needs and weight so that it is easy and convenient for you to offer a healthy alternative to dry food. 

Here are some pictures of our RAW PAWZ PETS!!!


I started my dog on raw food about 3 years ago when the vet told me that she was epileptic and eventually her seizures would cause damage that I would need to put her down. I felt with proper exercise and the right diet that I could change this outcome. Although,she is still epileptic, she no longer has seizures ever day ranging from 45 min to 5 hrs. People can say there are many other reasons for her improvement but in the bottom of my heart her diet is the leading factor to why she now has them once ever 3 months for a duration of about 10 min. However, I truly believe that changing her diet from processed food with lots of grains to raw food is the explanation to her miraculous improvement. In addition her coat, teeth, muscular build, stamina, everything about her has improved for the better.

All the time I spent educating my friends and the public on the benefits of Raw Food, I decided I would open a store. I have worked with nutritionalists, homeopathic and traditional vet's, and numerous others about how to provide the most nutrients to your pet and most importantly in a cost effective manner. If providing your pets with proper nutrition breaks your wallet then you are not going to continue with it. We do not want your pet to suffer due to having to choose an alternative food until you can afford it. Here at Raw Pawz Pet Deli we set our prices comparable to that if you were to buy free grain dry pet food. 

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